So Why Hasn’t My Home Sold Yet?

If your home has been on the market and hasn’t sold, there are a few steps that can be taken to pre the reset button and get your home sold.

The most important is to make sure your home is show ready and doesn’t look “tired.” This can be achieved by removing any excess clutter in the home and making sure the furniture looks good. Next, change out the keypads of security systems and the thermostat if neccesary. If they are old and outdated they can really make a house look tired.

Some homes are more difficult to show than others for a variety reasons. When you can’t show a home it can make it very difficult to sell.
If your home is not drawing the interest you would like then you need to take a look at the asking price and how it is being marketed. As good as the marklet it’s the correctly priced homes that are moving and garnering multiple offers, often over asking price.

With regards to marketing, you want to ensure the copy describing your home hits on all the right points and all photography and/ video show the home in its best possible light. Remember, the greatest home in the world with mediocre photography is not going to get attention. It is also a good idea to switch up copy and photographs emphasizing different qualities of your home which ca n appeal to a whole new set of Buyers

You will also want to have your home prominently placed on real estate Websites in order to draw the most attention. In addition, it is critical that all technical aspects of the listing works, i.e. no missing photos or broken links. If this is not done correctly, your home could get overlooked simply based on a technical glitch.

How To Get A Great Buy In A Sellers Real Estate Market

It is now a Sellers Real Estate Market. Most listed homes are attracting multiple competitive offers and selling close to or over asking price. However, by following the tips you can get a great buy in this red hot market.

First and foremost you must know the market. Buyers that know the market don’t hesitate to write an offer when they see what they want and they make good decisions.

When making an offer, you want to act fast and push the seller for a quick response. You don’t want to get in a multiple offer situation if at all possible. To help avoid a bidding war, you will want to make a decisive offer and push the seller to make a decision quickly.

Next, you will want to zero-in on properties that have been on the market for a long time. Properties that are new to the market receive a lot of attention from potential buyers, but often you can find a better deal in a less-competitive environment for a home that has been listed for several months.

When preparing a bid for a home you also want to see if the seller has any special terms that need to be met. This could be a long escrow, short escrow or any number of other things. The good news is there might be something you can do that doesn’t cost anything, or very little, which could be the difference in you getting the property.

Another key to coming out on top in a seller’s market is having a good agent. Inexperienced and ineffective agents can end up costing you money and, perhaps even more importantly, in a multiple offer situation they can wind up costing you the deal.

Finally, remember that if a deal doesn’t happen there is always another property. Get back on the horse and find your dream home—it will be there.

How To Lease Your Home Best Practices

How to lease your home? If you decide you want to lease your home instead of sell, there are a few “best practices” you will want to take into consideration.

The top priority when leasing your home is to find a tenant that you like or can at least get along with on a professional level. Remember, you are going to be in a relationship with this person for six months, a year, or two years. Personalities, character and integrity really matter in a tenant-landlord situation. When you sell your home the relationship with the Buyer ends when deal closes, in a lease the relationship begins when the lease starts.

To that end, you will want to look at a person’s credit, character and assets before signing an agreement. People that possess all three of those attributes tend to pay their bills. Sometime you will find a potential tenant you like, but he or she may be lacking a bit in the area of credit. You can compensate for that a couple ways, either by getting all the money paid up front or by getting a strong co-signer.

If the home is going to be furnished, you will want to take an inventory of everything on the property. This will help alleviate any potential conflicts down the road. An inventory can be done either by writing a list of everything or by taking photos and/or video of the property.

Finally, if you decide to lease your home you will want to be in contact with your accountant. When you lease a home there are tax ramifications and you want to make sure you are using the best strategy available.

How To Win in Multiple Offers On A Home

Your guide to winning multiple offers on a home every time.

There are a few steps that can be taken to ensure your offer on a home with multiple offers will prevail and it is not always about price.

First and foremost is to write a strong and clean offer, with no confusing or extraneous terms. Instead, it should be clear and concise to convey the message that you mean business and are ready willing and able to buy. To that end, you should know that in today’s market most homes are selling within 2 to 3 offer of the asking price and often over the asking price. Any offer that falls below that threshold is highly unlikely to even be considered in a multiple offer situation.

When submitting an offer you also want to make sure all your financial information and records are in order. If making a cash offer, present a bank statement showing you have the cash; and if getting a loan, present a letter stating you have been pre-qualified.

To really make an impression on a seller, you may want to consider offering them free rent for 30 days after closing escrow. This will make their lives much easier and will quickly put you in their good graces.

Remember, when there are several buyers bidding it’s often based simply on who the seller likes better. Therefore it’s imperative you always be cordial, respectful to the point and leave the impression that you’ll be difficult to work with.

Being represented by a qualified and respected agent also will provide the seller comfort that you have good people around to get a deal done.

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