What Celebrities Want In A Home

What Celebrities Want in a Home

By Erika Riggs, Zillow
May 6, 2011
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Tyler Perry’s home lounge means never having to reserve a table.
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We have our list of must-haves when looking to buy a home, but what do celebrities want in a home? A pool? Perhaps a home theater, gourmet kitchen and wine cellar?

Yes, all of those, but chances are, if you’re an A-List movie star, sports star, or chart-topping musician/singer, your number one priority is privacy.


Gates and Privacy

Stars such as Billy Dee Williams seek gated privacy
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“It’s a huge issue,” emphasized Coldwell Banker agent Jade Mills, who has worked with Jennifer Aniston. “They want to be able to come home and get away from the paparazzi and want privacy when they go into their yard. They usually have foliage [and] hedges so that people can’t look in.”

Or, said Beverly Hills real estate agent Gary Gold of Hilton & Hyland, they want gates.

“It’s either got to be a gated, secure area or a gated community,” explained Gold, who currently holds the listing for Ashton Kutcher’s bachelor pad. “If you’re behind gates, no one can follow you home.”

This home, currently owned by Star Wars star Billy Dee Williams, is on the Beverly Hills real estate market for $4,195,000. Although the “Zen-like” mansion has 5,295 square feet of living space, its biggest draw for celebrities is the gate and foliage surrounding the property.

Everything Under One Roof

The celebrity kitchen is for entertaining.
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Also, celebs require having everything under one roof. Unlike most people, running over to the gym or grabbing a bite to eat at a café isn’t always possible.

“If you’re a big celeb and going out to lunch, to dinner, to the gym can be a hassle and something you don’t want to do,” Gold said. “These are people who don’t go out but entertain at home more than the typical person.”

Rather than the formal dining room, some celebrities love to go the way of a gourmet kitchen with room to entertain there, Mills said.

This gourmet eat-in kitchen, pictured above, is in Mischa Barton’s home in Los Angeles. This piece of Beverly Hills real estate is currently listed at $8,695,000.

Home Theaters

What could be more essential than a proper home theater?
Photo: Zillow

For movie stars, home theaters are the next item on the home checklist, said Los Angeles real estate agent Mauricio Umansky of Hilton & Hyland. “They’re in that business and they expect it.”

Burt Reynolds’ former home (above) features a home theater with seating for thirty. The mid-century modern house is listed on the Beverly Hills real estate market for $10.9 million.

Pool, Hair Salon and Guest Homes

Molly Sims’ home office is a great retreat
Photo: Zillow

A pool, hair salon, and guest house are additional celebrity must-haves.

Many celebrities today are not just singers or actors, but product spokesmen, designers and producers and thus ask for additional space for a home office.

“Each [celebrity] has their own thing and needs a hobby room, a studio, a dark room, or a computer room,” explained Umansky.

Molly Sims’ home, on the Hollywood Hills real estate market for $2.8 million, has a personal office, redesigned specifically for Sims to work on her jewelry line. The space was featured in InStyle magazine in 2009.

Dog run, night club and other uncommon amenities:

But of course, there are always a few unusual requests.

Mills said she often looks for homes that have plenty of space for a client’s dog.

“Some people won’t buy if there isn’t an appropriate area for a dog to have a little run, or a little area,” she said.

Gold said he’s had to try to find a place that would take a 9-month-old mountain lion.

“Slash (of Guns and Roses) was a client of a mine and he wanted to remodel his house and needed a luxury rental for a year. He needed somewhere that would allow his 160-pound mountain lion named Curtis.”

Umansky said his oddest request was to find a piece of real estate that would allow for a nightclub in the home.

Apparently night clubs aren’t that altogether uncommon. Tyler Perry’s LA home does indeed feature a basement nightclub, as well as gym, screening room, and dine-in wine cellar. His house has been on the Hollywood Hills real estate market for nearly a year and is now listed at $11,595,000.

So far, no one’s asked for a helipad.

“Not here in Los Angeles, but out in Malibu where the ranches or vineyards [are] — that’s a different story,” Umansky said. “That’s more of a billionaire must-have.”

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